Dasra Rebuild India Fund (RIF)

Strengthening small NGOs that help vulnerable communities


Dasra is a leading nonprofit systems orchestrator working with diverse stakeholders across the social impact ecosystem in India. The Dasra Rebuild India Fund (RIF) program supports locally led, community based NGOs that help vulnerable communities, particularly rural and marginalised communities in remote places to become more resilient. Dasra RIF aims to support 100 new community based NGOs each year.

The Dasra RIF program provides these NGOs with flexible, long-term grants and capacity building support, which will make them financially and structurally more resilient and better equipped for strengthening vulnerable communities. The program also aims to create an exchange platform for community based NGOs and a global network of philanthropists and service providers that support grassroots NGOs.

Dalyan supports Dasra RIF over a three-year period.