KODA - Köy Okulları Değişim Derneği

Improving the quality of education in rural schools in Turkey


KODA is a young NGO (2016) with the mission to provide holistic and quality education in rural schools in Turkey. They believe that rural village schools - mostly referred to in context of their deprivation, problems and limited capabilities- actually offer a platform with great opportunities and leverage potential to reach disadvantaged children and families.

KODA team is currently working on three programs : 1) Workshops for children in rural schools with modern and motivational curriculum 2) Preparing and strengthening teachers for their work in rural schools 3) Building local rural-teacher communities

With Dalyan’s support KODA will pilot a program to improve their capacity to implement their children workshops throughout the country in an efficient and sustainable manner. Rather than sending their training teams from the central office in Istanbul, they would like to recruit teacher candidates in Universities and train these “teachers in spe” as volunteer trainers to then perform the children’s workshops and train the rural school teachers.