MHT - Mahila Housing Trust

Upgrading skills of women working in the construction industry


Mahila Housing Trust founded Karmika School of Construction Workers in 2004, with the aim to provide skill-based training to disadvantaged women working as unskilled labor in the construction industry. Majority of the women trained by the Karmika School are manual laborers, working mostly as head-load workers. Despite doing the hardest work, they are worst paid and enjoy no job security or benefits.

The Karmika School provides training in various construction skills in order to move these women out of the unskilled category into the skilled labor force, which is better paid and more in demand. Karmika has trained several thousands of women so far. 80% of them reported higher income and better employability after the training. The three-year project supported by Dalyan will focus on strategically improving the marketability of these women in the employment market.