Placing Deep Poverty as a human rights violation under the spotlight


Deep Poverty Network(DYA) was established in 2019, to investigate deepening poverty to reveal its dimensions, to support families in dire need and to open up the debate on poverty as a human rights violation.

As the pandemic spread and deepened extreme poverty, DYA developed the “Change from your home” solidarity campaign, leveraging online shopping for people who lost their jobs and lived in poverty. Since March 2020, DYA has been supporting over 3000 families through this campaign which has matured into a solidarity program supported by mostly individual donors.

DYA publishes the results of the field research they do, use data to increase the visibility of deep poverty and to advocate for the rights of people who live in these extreme conditions.

Dalyan contributed to the “Change from your home” campaign during the pandemic and in 2023 focused on supporting families to keep their daughters in school. Dalyan is continuing its support through STDV, specifically in core funding and capacity building.