The Collaborators for Transforming Education

Improving public education results in the state of Maharashtra

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The Collaborators for Transforming Education is a structured, multi-year partnership of donors, the Government of Maharashtra (India) and NGOs, under the leadership of Edelgive Foundation, with a view to work towards lasting systemic improvement of the public school system in the State of Maharashtra.

Concrete objectives are

  1. enhancement in learning outcomes of children resulting in improving the quality of schools,
  2. systemic capacity building (teachers, administration etc.) and
  3. enhancing community engagement.

These goals shall be achieved through interventions at the school level and at the level of institutions and processes set up by the Education Department. Importantly the program involves all important stakeholders, particularly also headmasters, teachers, cluster resource centres and parents. It also includes regular evaluation and monitoring of progress. Dalyan supports this collaborative approach for a period of six years.