Azad Foundation

Creating new perspectives for adolescent girls


The Azad Foundation, established in 2008 in Delhi, provides livelihoods for resource-poor women living in urban areas in India, with a focus on nontraditional livelihoods that enhance women’s economic status and decision-making. Azad Foundation also initiated programs to support adolescent girls in their journey to adulthood, one of which is Azad Kishore 9-12 program in Jaipur, which Dalyan supports.

Azad Kishore gives school girls in grades 9 to 12 the chance to develop independent perspectives on issues related to personality and gender. It enables them to develop a broader vision for their life and practical life-skills to help them achieve their goals. Furthermore, it exposes these adolescent girls to non-traditional livelihood options and provides them with the information and skills needed to make appropriate educational choices.