Kolkata Sanved

Improving livelihoods of young women through dance therapy


Kolkata Sanved, founded in 2004 by Sohini Chakraborty, uses the medium of dance movement therapy (DMT) to support women, girls and young men who have been trafficked and sexually abused. The therapy helps them come to terms with their situation and begin the path of self-realisation, confidence building and reintegration into society.

The organization collaborates with over 30 organisations such as shelter homes, hospitals, government institutions and schools offering this form of healing and recovery. DMT provides an alternative approach to psychosocial rehabilitation and helps survivors to pursue an independent life.

Beyond the basic sessions and workshops, Kolkata Sanved also offers a certified DMT Leadership Academy course. The goal of this one-year training program is to empower participants with specific life skills and to create alternative employment opportunities as DMT practitioners. Dalyan supports this course over a two-year period.